Thursday, September 24, 2009

Olsen/Lind Wedding Album Completed!

Presenting to you Jeffrey and Rebekah Lind. Married July 25, 2009 at Chief Hosa Lodge in Colorado. This is a uniting of Jeff with Rebekah and her two boys Kaleb and Luke. Beautiful outdoor wedding at an old stone and log cabin lodge.
The opening page was wording specified by the bride, Rebekah Olsen Lind. She wanted to signify the joining of Jeffrey with her small family which includes her and her two boys.

This album has a rustic yet elegant look to it. I catered it to fit the day in which the couple had planned on having with very close family and friends.

Journal Page for the Bride and Groom to tell their story

Fits 2- 4X6 photos in the mattes
Intimate details of the day the Groom proposed
2- 4X6 photos of the very special day of proposal

The ribbon page is designed to add loose items such as invitations, napkins, or other momentums that you would like to save but do not want to glue or tape down.
The New Couple after the ceremony Photo, Fits a 5X7 photo

This album includes 24 completed finished pages formatted for the recipient to add photos of their special day. It is a general album with pages to highlight those special moments. Personalizing the album to fit the couples day is the purpose of these albums. All albums have matting that is designed to fit a photo 1/4inch smaller than the smallest matte within the frame. They are designed for photos to be cropped and fitted appropriately.

This was a fun album to do. It was not a traditional wedding but it still had most of the parts a traditional wedding has. I have a basic format for the 24-25 page albums and they generally run about 250$ not including the album. Additional Pages are extra but if you order an album I will discount depending on the number of extra pages you would like.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Stacy, what can I say, I swear this book was freakin AMAZING! The lady who recieved this is so blessed!