Monday, April 12, 2010

Madeleine Belle's Baby Album 12X12

These are the final pages that I completed for Trina's Album for baby Madeleine!
All of the shower pages were made with wrapping paper and items from her shower. It adds a personal touch and recycles the items used for wrapping. This is an album she and Madeleine will always cherish!

This album was the largest baby book I have done for another person besides my own kids!
The paper is custom with Madeleine Belle Hackett on the entire page!

The mother-to-be sent me photos of the utra sound and I made a collage page for each photo
Perfect way to show the progression of baby!
Very precious shower and I included photos.....a detailed story of the actual shower!

I had a great time making the album. I still have nine more pages to complete! What a joy to be able to get a new mom a head start on her memory making. This is going to be such a blessing for both mom and baby when they are older and look back at all the progress in life! Enjoy and don't be shy, leave a comment!