Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Calendar Kits!

Dry erase board and 14 calendar sheets
421 Calendar sticker pack from K & Company January

421 Calendar sticker pack from K & Company December

16 Cardstock Sheets of your choice of colors and/or designs! More to choose from

Hang your calendar each month and add current pictures

So, in my last post you saw the calendar the way it use to be, but in 2008 I made a calendar with a clipboard and a hanging calendar page below the clipboard! Laminating your calendar pages allows you to reuse the calendar pages each year, or at the end of the year you can order more pages from me! I personally enjoy writing on my calendar, milestones, activities, special events.....they help me to get my other scrapbooking projects completed! And I remember those events a lot more clearly. For example: I am working on my 19 month olds baby book and I use my day planner and my calendar to go back and complete the pages for his first year. I am almost half finished but I know that I have a record and can pick the album up anytime and finish it because I have the records written down.

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