Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wedding Albums

Hello All!

I am currently working on three wedding albums with very different colors and themes. They are all gifts to very dear loved ones and friends. But I assure you, if you can have a wedding album made especially for you and your event it is totally worth the price. The first album is for my Brother-in-law and his fiance Denee! They will be having a black and ivory wedding with a very formal theme. So, I am using the La Creme stack and Card stock stack. It is very beautiful french looking paper that has incredible flocking that stands out on each page. I am embellishing pages with paper flowers and ribbon and die cuts. It is a simple concept but once the photos are added it will be a fabulous addition to the Newlyweds family. Just a little keepsake to remember the day when the groom and bride became Mr. and Mrs.

The second album I am working on is for a dear friend Rebecca Lermusik. She had the great pleasure of babysitting my daughter Hannah when she was just a baby. She is getting married at the end of August and is doing a simple yet elegant wedding. Her colors are Plum and Apple Green. Very sharp combination of colors but oh so pretty. I will be using the Latte Stack and some various other papers in creating a beautiful 25 page album of her and her fiance's special day, minus the photos, of course.

The third album is for my dear but very distant friend Rebekah Olsen and her fiance Jeffrey. They are going to be married at the Chief Hosa Lodge near Denver Colorado. It is an absolute gorgeous location with the most desired outdoor scenery. If you enjoy the outdoors and beauty of God's creation then this wedding destination would be right up your alley. And they are marrying in the morning with the guests appetite being breakfast. Rebekah tells me that a special cinnamon roll cake is being made for the reception and the colors are green and silver. It is a very casual wedding with the celebration of not just a couple uniting but a family. So in this album there will be pages to incorporate the special union of not only husband and wife but that also of two very special boys. Having a custom album made and created to your liking can make situations that are unique and special come alive. There are no limits to creating an album for you and your family and for the needs and desires you would like to share with your family and friends.

So, as you come back often and look, be on the lookout for three couples, three weddings, and three very different lives being changed through a union that is bound by commitment to God! And see how a treasured memory album can tell a story in three different ways. Cherish your memories and tell your story in a custom album made by me, Stacy Curl, Remembering You Scraps!

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