Thursday, October 8, 2009


My Blog is going to be changing here very soon! It will be easier to see what you are looking for when the new blog is up. Also this will serve as a better marketing tool for me to advertise my business. I am also on the Etsy site and will be trying to learn more about getting my name out there more with the training Etsy provides its sellers! So, stay tuned to changes! And let me know what you think, tell me what you would like to see from my blog!


October is the month for Calendars! And since it is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month I decided that I should donate a few dollars to the Breast Cancer Centers for every calendar I sell this month. DO NOT FORGET!!!!! Calendars make great lasting gifts. I have been making calendars for my mother and mother in law for going on 4 years now! And they are a fabulous way to keep track of granchildren and to keep track of life and your own kids. Life keeps going on, but memories don't always stay with us unless they are recorded!!!! So do yourself a favor and get a calendar kit! or I will make it for you! Reasonable price for a precious treasure!

Thanks and don't forget that it is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month, donate where you can!

Stacy Curl

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