Saturday, June 6, 2009

Opportunities to create new keepsakes

Hello All,

Currently I have received an interesting order unlike anything I have ever done before. The nice thing about scrap booking is there is no rules and skies the limit. I have a client whom is celebrating the union of not 2 people but 3 people, rather, a family. The couple had a baby and are going to be vowing their lives at the end of June. Her request was to create a family album keepsake for the new family. The family is a very outgoing outdoors family and they are actually taking a hike somewhere and getting married at the hikes destination. It will be a small and intimate occasion. A reception for family and friends will be held at a later date to celebrate their union together.

I have some fabulous ideas to incorporate their lifestyle into their keepsake album. I thought I would begin the album with the introduction of the three of them as a family. And then move into the moments of bringing a precious baby into the world. I am going to create a timeline for those very special milestone moments babies in their first year always experience. And also try to tell the story of how the two decided to plan the event of making the three family. Of course their will be a page for a bride and a page for a groom and pages to tell the story of their journey on the trail to unite. I will have several pages to record the reception, the moment they celebrate with all of those they love. And then complete the album with events that are special in most families annually. It should be a very fun album to create and give my business a different look to those from the outside looking in.

Truly there is nothing that can not be accomplished to make each person's lives special in a keepsake album. I can help you and walk you through any decisions you might be making to create an album that will last longer than your lifetime but through generations. Telling the story of our lives helps those that come after us know a little of our history and the importance or family and being.

I also would love to have some feedback on maybe some ideas you might have to help me create this album. All ideas are accepted and appreciated.

Blessings to each of you!

Stacy Curl

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