Monday, November 22, 2010

Giveaway, 3 8X8 Cardstock Books

I am looking to generate a little activity here on my blog! My main goal in doing this is to get a little attention and possibly some interest in some "want to be" scrapbookers. The great thing about this is that, you don't have to "want to be" a scrapbooker, all you have to do is pick up some paper and develop some pictures and tell a story about who you are and/or who the people in your photos are.

I would like to introduce myself! I am Stacy Curl and I am a SAHM who enjoys teaching others how to put their stories in albums through kits! I am working on various different types of workshops. I sell kits to people in other states and I also make custom albums for those that do not enjoy scrapbooking. My main goal is to teach so that everyone can find a little bit of the artist in themselves.

I am giving away 3 8X8 cardstock books. Each book has 12 pages in them and they make a great book to add photos of your up and coming Christmas. Post a comment to this post and become a follower of my blog and you will be entered into my contest automatically. I will randomly choose 3 different people and they will be contacted through the information they leave here. I will post a picture of the giveaway just as soon as I take some!

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  1. Someone left a comment inquiring about these cardstock books. I posted this a long time ago but I do still make the books. Most of the books I make now are a 6X6 cardstock book. They are pretty popular with the teachers at the school my kids go to. If you have further questions please contact me via email at Thank you!